Couches Are Bad News for Good Times.

You might disagree if you are thinking back to some passionate night spent atop microsuede cushions, periodically coming up for air, all drunk on saliva. Fair point. More often than not though, a comfy couch is what convinces us that terrible TV is watchable and that five nights in a row indoors is acceptable. The couch is where we retire, belly full, to complain about how culturally sterile this town is, forcing us to sit at home.

Meanwhile, great things are happening in your city!

Couch Assassin is Ottawa's Good Times Guide, here to give you the tools you need to fight the evil chesterfield. We're also passionate about supporting our local creators, performers, promoters and venues in any way we can. We exist to help expose all the interesting fun stuff this city has going on and encourage more people to support the arts by actually going out and enjoying them. 

If you came here looking for reviews of past shows, you won't find them. As you'll see from our blog, we only do previews of upcoming or ongoing events, because previews can help bring people out to events while reviews just make people wish they'd been there.

Couch Assassin has been on the Interwaves since April 2010, and we're constantly evolving the site and doing our best to improve it. We're a scrappy team of passionate volunteers, not professional journalists or programmers -- so we really do appreciate a heads-up if you run into anything glitchy!

Now: get off the couch and get out on the town!

P.S. Feel free to drop us a line with any thoughts, event listings or if you're associated with a venue and would like to be able to post your own events.