The Couch Assassin Advantage

Planning and promoting events isn't easy. If only it were as simple as planning and executing a fantastic event, and everyone would just hear about it and show up...  But that's not how it works.

We know it's a pain in the butt to have to list your event on multiple platforms, and you need to prioritize which listing sites you spend your time on. Here are a few reasons why it's worth your while to add your event to our calendar:

  • Search engines like us. We put a lot of effort into search engine optimization (without any dirty tricks) so listings on our site often appear on one of the first pages of search results.

  • Pretty much everyone who visits our site is looking for reasons to leave the house and have some fun. Getting people off the couch is the whole reason we exist.

  • CA is user-friendly and user-focused. We've designed our listings to be as easy as possible to browse, whether or not you know what you're looking for. Users can browse by date, category or venue. If you take some time to properly categorize your event, it will show up in the "Similar events" block under related events - increasing your exposure even further!

  • Events on CA are visible to everyone, not just your friends. Facebook events are handy tools in a lot of ways, but they probably don’t reach as many people as you think. Sure, you can "invite" all your friends and broadcast it through your FB Page, but unless you shell out some cash to “boost” it, it's probably not going to have nearly as much reach as you’d like. There’s a lot of stuff clamouring for attention on FB, not just event invites -- why not post on a site where people go to actively search for events instead? Besides, are the RSVPs on FB events even meaningful anymore?

  • We let you create rich, full-featured listings. That means you can add YouTube videos, SoundCloud embeds and links to artist websites as well as ticket sales pages. That's actually one of the big reasons people like to use our site to find events - because they don't have to go and search the Web for more info about an artist they’ve never heard of. If you write a good description and provide some interesting embeds and links you can hook the reader right there on the page.

  • We're mobile friendly. Rather than make people download an app, we designed our site to adjust to different screen sizes automatically for convenient on-the-go browsing.

  • Listing on CA helps build the local arts and culture scene. We started the site in response to a demand for a "one-stop shop" to find out everything going on in town - to make it easy to find out what's going on and shoot down excuses like "Ottawa’s boring, there’s nothing happening" just because they didn't know where to look.

There are a lot of great online events calendars in Ottawa (check out our links page for a list of the ones we know about) and if you have the time, you really ought to list on as many as you can. Many of them have a specific niche or focus, as well as dedicated followers that you would benefit from reaching. We just think you'll get a lot of mileage out of spending five minutes adding your event to our calendar -- we’ve been online and growing since 2010, and we humbly submit that you won't find a more complete and user-friendly community calendar in town.