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Are you a promoter or artist looking to promote an upcoming gig or exhibition? A local restaurant or business looking for new promotional opportunities? We’ve got just the thing for you.

Couch Assassin is Ottawa’s Good Times Guide: the online destination for people seeking real-world action. That means that almost everyone who visits Couch Assassin is looking for a reason to go out and do things, not just stay in and keep surfing the web. They’re also almost all from right here in Ottawa. If you’re in the business of getting people to walk through your door, these are the people you want to reach.

Let us help you get your message out to some of Ottawa’s most active and engaged fans and creators of local culture and entertainment. Email us now for information about our crazy low introductory pricing on sidebar and content ads!

Couch Assassin is dedicated to supporting the local arts scene, and it is run entirely by volunteers. To keep things simple for everyone, we offer ad placements priced per week and per month, not by CPM or CPC. We don’t have an ad sales department, and we aren’t in a position to offer in-depth performance metrics. What we do offer is a highly localized audience of many, many thousands of motivated readers, as well as excellent and personalized service.

Profits from advertising are currently being invested in improving our services and user experience. A portion of all profits is earmarked to help establish our Community Support Fund. We also donate ad space when possible for causes and organizations we choose to support.

Drop us a line for more information.

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