Cody Allen Lights a Fire

By Christine Séguin — Wed, 29/04/2015 - 12:12

As we get older, we start to reflect more on time and how it is spent. Are we with the people we love or living our passion? Have we come face to face with our personal truths and decided we will go forth living them with honesty and vulnerability?

Cody Allen will be celebrating the release of his fourth album Ignite at Irene's on May 2nd. The album was recorded at Steve Foley’s at Audio Valley Studios and features a bevy of local talent.  He is looking forward to headlining this venue for the first time and showcasing his heartfelt and honest new work.

“This album is about having the strength to do what makes you happy in your life.  Whether it be creating music, art, changing jobs or going to school.” The album reflects his decision to pursue his music career in earnest. "If I could inspire someone to face their fears and take the leap to do what they love then I will be happy,” he says. In the ears of this listener, he was successful.

Speaking to Cody, it became clear that he possesses a big heart and passion for his craft. His sincerity and earnestness is both moving and refreshing and is reflected in Ignite. I had the pleasure of hearing the album, which reflects his journey in a manner that is both universal and intensely personal. “It’s important to me to be honest in my music so that I can inspire others to live the life they want to live.” Heart of a Lion, the first single off his album, is a proclamation. Cody is not afraid to take what he wants and make an honest try at living his dream. The song Easy exposes the challenges and doubts that can present themselves when chasing your dreams but again reflects Allen’s strength of will to pursue what he loves. The themes of the album are painted against a backdrop great musicality, rooted in tradition of folk, country and Canadian rock, which will certainly sound rich and compelling live.

Cody moved to Ottawa four years ago from North Bay, Ontario. Though one may not think of Ottawa as a go-to for aspiring musicians, Cody saw things differently. "Ottawa is really open to hearing original music,” he shares. He is among good company with the growing number of talented bands and musicians stemming from the area. He will return to his hometown as well as other Northern Ontario towns in the hopes of getting Northern crowds interested in hearing new talent.

Cody looks forward to touring more with the album, eventually opening for big Canadian bands and playing festivals. Catch him in this small venue while you still can. The evening will leave you with an open heart and will to live your passion.

Cody Allen’s Ignite CD release party
Saturday, May 2, 2015 @ 9:30pm
Irene’s Pub

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