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By Christine Séguin — Thu, 15/10/2015 - 11:06

Fall is a great time for music.  The large scale festivals and arena shows die down and make way for smaller, cozier and more intimate performances to be enjoyed by the boot-wearing masses.  

Toronto rock outfit Curses will be performing at Café Décuf on Thursday, October 15 in anticipation of their upcoming EP.  Listeners had the chance to preview the album with a catchy single “Until My Heart Stops”, which chronicles the highs and lows of summer love. While on the road between Windsor and Québec City, singer and bassist Martin Broda was able to answer some questions about the band and their upcoming album, The Bridge, which will be released on Friday, October 16.

CA: What is your writing process like? What was your inspiration for The Bridge?  What are its central themes?

MB: Our writing process is very simple. We all sit in a circle around a bottle of scotch and write whatever comes to our heads. We try not to limit ourselves to the sort of sound and direction we want to go for and I think that it doesn't make the process forced, which is why it is so effortless for us to bang out songs. Personally the inspiration going into writing this EP was that we wanted to write songs that you can listen to while you drive and with that sort of came out the theme of driving and cars, which manifested naturally. The other theme to the whole EP is definitely about relationships and the ups and downs that come along with them.

CA: Tell me about your impression of the music scene in Ottawa?  What has been your experience playing here?

MB: Ottawa in my opinion has always been a great scene every time my old band rolled through. With loads of friendly people, great culture and lots of poutine, how can you go wrong. Ottawa has the feel of a small city but still very broad and immensely populated which is great for shows I feel. I haven't played there in a little while and am excited to see if it hasn't changed.

CA: Tell me more about the short history of the band.  How do you guys know each other? What do you see as the future of Curses?

MB: The band originally formed from one text that I sent to Michael Farina asking him if he was interested in forming an indie rock band. Mike and I have a history from touring previously in Abandon All Ships for one tour and we kind of touched base on it then. The other two members, Dan and Durv, were introduced to us through a mutual friend, our manager and the rest was history. As far as the future goes for Curses, I think we all share the same goal of becoming the biggest band we can possibly be while touring as much as we can. We all love playing music and want to do that for the rest of our lives.

CA: What is your dream gig, venue or festival?  Who would you love to open for?

MB: There are three festivals that I aspire to play one day, one being Reading, the other Soundwave and lastly Coachella. We'd honestly love the opportunity to open for Paramore, I hope that happens one day soon.

Don’t miss this great up and coming band.  Pick up their new album The Bridge Friday and check out their show tonight at Café Décuf.

Curses with Jesse Lawson
Thursday, October 15, 2015
Café Dekcuf

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