Empowering Youth through Art, Fashion and Self-Love

By Christine Séguin — Thu, 24/03/2016 - 11:55

Some people have a passion that is infectious. One that is driven by the fact that they have found their place in the world;  their community and people.  If you are ever so fortunate as to stumble upon your purpose, it is my hope that your run toward it with all the vehemence and intensity engrained in your bones.   

The third annual Indigenous Art, Music + Fashion Show, presented by UN1TY Entertainment will take place at Centrepoint Theatre on Saturday March 26th at 7PM.  I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with organizer and entrepreneur Justin Holness about the events purpose and future.  When I spoke to Justin, his passion and excitement was palpable.  I hung up the phone feeling energized and inspired by his dedication to empowering aboriginal youth through this event, as well as his production company. “This is basically our call to reconciliation. It’s our call to action. What we are trying to do for our community is provide this amazing platform where people can find themselves because when they find themselves it can really change the world. I strongly believe that art is one of the highest forms of human intelligence and that young people are the most resilient demographic.”  The theme of the event will be to draw attention to, as well as honour our missing and murdered indigenous women.

Justin grew up in Winnipeg an aspiring hip hop artist who had no outlet for his passion and creativity. “Because I never had that, it is something very personal to me. I want to empower our young community to find their genius.  Everybody is blessed and gifted with talent and all we need to do is nurture those gifts. That will really help us find our purpose in life and give us the guidance that we need. It’s our role as adults in society to support our young people and their gifts so that they can live a healthy lifestyle in the future.”

The event began as a fashion show in 2014 and has grown to include performers and artists.  Justin has a big vision for the event in the future. “We would like to expand this so that instead of just being one day, it will be two, three days and we can provide workshops and other opportunities leading up to the show like training, entrepreneurship skills and artists workshops so we can better prepare our youth for real life experience and they can make a living doing what they love.”   

Highlights of this year’s show include:

  • Theland Kicknosway, who was part of the swearing in ceremonies for our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and will be performing a glow-in-the-dark hoop dance.
  • Minister Of Cuteness a.k.a. Sam & Cailyn, two young throat singers were also part of the swearing in ceremonies.
  • A performance of the song  Ishkode, written by youth from Kitigan Zibi with the help of Justin himself

Do yourself a favour and check out what will certainly be an inspiring and empowering event.The

The Third Annual Indigenius Art, Music + Fashion Show
Saturday, March 26, 2016
Centrepointe Theatre

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