Fast Romantics Explore their Inner Animal

By Christine Séguin — Mon, 07/03/2016 - 15:15

Fast Romantics will be rocking Zaphod’s on Wednesday, March 9th as part of a spring tour in anticipation of the release of their upcoming full length LP, set to come out this summer.  The first single of the album Animal has just been released and reflects a feeling we can all relate to, spending a night partying with someone acting on their basic, yet horrible instincts.  This sentiment, paired with the band’s synth laid instrumentation and melancholy vocals make for a thoughtful yet danceable track.

The band’s song writing has been compared to that of Jarvis Cocker, Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello.  Matthew Angus provided musings on the band’s process and what a good live show means to them.

CA: What is your song writing process like? How has the relationship between Kirty and Angus evolved since Kirty first joined the band?

MA: Fast Romantics songs always go through this long process of building up and tearing down and rebuilding. I write these songs on my own, but over the years we've added people to our gang who are also songwriters in their own projects, so once the song makes it to the five of us, everybody gets a chance to inject ideas into the tune. 

Bringing Kirty into the band has taken that even further, she's become a really magical presence early on in the process. I'll show her a lyric and she won't hesitate to tell me when it stinks or when she's really feeling it. We'll work harmonies together to the point where they practically duets. We get to live in the songs from a lyrical/melodic standpoint together so early on that I feel like by the time we end up recording it, we've really let them mature. This is the first record where Kirty has collaborated with me in that way and the record just wouldn't be the same if she hadn't been here. 

CA: The band has worked with some notable Canadian producers, how does the band work with producers? How does the producer influence the end sound?

MA: Every record's been different but this time around was crazy organic. Gus and Werner are more than producers to me, they've been true mentors. We didn't really plan anything out this time - I guess we've built a bit of a trust, they hadn't even heard demos before I arrived in Brooklyn to show them the songs, I kept putting off showing them anything and then suddenly I was on a plane. Not sure what we would have done if they weren't feeling the demos but thank god they were into it!

This time was very organic, a lot of the songs were developed in the studio, which I think really gives these tunes a spontaneous, spirited thing. It sounds like a bunch of people really digging their fingernails in and being creative, and I guess that's cause that's what it was.  

CA: Where has the band played in Ottawa?  What is their impression (if any) of the music scene in Ottawa?

MA: We've always played at Zaphod's. It seems to me the Ottawa scene is nice and healthy, at least if it mirrors the types of people we've met at our shows. There are some towns where people seem to come out to actually listen to music, you can sense it when you're performing, and ottawa's always felt like that for us. There are not always the largest crowds but they always feel like they're one of the more music hungry and fun loving crowds. 

CA: Is there anything that makes the band feel intrinsically Canadian?  How do they feel they fit in to Canadian music scene and history?

MA: I do feel like we've created something that is distinctly Canadian, if only because a lot of this new record is written about what it means to live in the beautiful bubble that is Canada, in an overwhelming American world. It's about embracing the influence of our pals to the south, but also feeling entirely independent from it. 

Being Canadian is really precious to us but so far we haven't ever belonged to one 'scene'. We've made a lot of dear friends who also play in bands in Canada, so if that's a 'scene' then we're proud to be a part of it.  We're just really happy to be one of many bands in a country that seems to put out more great records per capita than any other country in the world.

Get hungry and check out Fast Romantics at Zaphod’s on March 9th.

Fast Romantics, Kennedy Cult, Valois
Wednesday, March 9, 2016 @ 8:30pm

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