Fun in the Sun with Pozativ Vibrationz by Da Beach

By Elly Laberge — Tue, 14/06/2016 - 21:15

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Looking for the best summer vibes in the city on a Sunday? In need of a tropical getaway in the heart of the National Capital Region? Look no further than Pozativ Vibrationz by Da Beach, a family-friendly outdoor jam set to happen every sunny Sunday starting June 19 at Petrie Island. The idea behind Pozativ Vibrationz by Da Beach is simple: it aims at offering a free gathering for house music heads of all ages in a laid-back setting and relaxing atmosphere. And what better place than the picturesque beach of Petrie Island to enjoy top notch local DJs, tasty eats & refreshing beverages provided by Banana’s Beach Grill & Rum Shack?

Now in its second year, the event was created by Pozativ Productions, a collective of local music lovers who have been pushing house music in Canada’s capital city for over 20 years. The objective with this event, according to DJ Balu, was to recreate the club scene setting and bring the feel-good vibes to an outdoor space capable of extending the nightlife vibe and making it accessible to a bigger group of people in the process. As Balu explains “it’s a way to spread love and happiness through house music. It’s not about the drop, it’s not about the rolling drum rolls nor is it about the money. It’s really about the groove that takes you to another level and connecting with people.”

As for the DJs, Balu recruited the crème de la crème when it comes to local party-rockers. This summer’s lineup will feature the likes of veterans Trevor Walker, RayRay, Martin Villeneuve, Tribal Threat, and Mace, among others, who will rotate from one party to the next, providing a mixed bag of tunes for those in attendance. The DJs were selected based on their work ethics and commitment to the cause and they generously accepted to donate their time and talent to the party, for the love of house music and community-building.

Since the event is free to attend, the Pozativ collective deemed it important to give back to the community somehow. And so every Sunday, the crew encourages people to bring non-perishable donations on site that they will be collecting in support of the Ottawa Food Bank. So bring a few canned goods, your beach attire and positive attitude and prepare to be carried away by the good vibrations at Petrie Island.

For more information on Pozativ Vibrationz by Da Beach, check out the Facebook event page
Photo: Balu Adamowicz

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