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By Andrew Lacelle — Sun, 29/11/2015 - 12:11

Hip-Hop street rockers wotts just released their full length album “b”.  “b” is a follow up to their 2014 ep release “a”. The new album shows the lighter, sombre side of this rhyming/beat makin’ quartet.

Yes, I am aware that wotts has release “b” as an EP. Everyone has a different views on the difference between an LP (long play or full length) and  an EP (extended play). My view is that 2-5 tracks count as an “Extended play” and anything past should be a “Long play” album. So, by that “b” being 7 tracks, I would have to say it's an “LP” or full length. Then again, some people may argue that the record only contains 7 songs timing under a half hour of music; thus it should be considered an EP. “b” clocks in just under 22 minutes of ear pleasing tunage. As someone who's made records for bands and groups, I'd say 22 minutes is just fine for a lull length.

This 7 track marvel of tunage has some sweet surprises in it. First off, the production is superb. After working on “a”, producer Alex Jakimczuk returns to the studio to help craft “b” for wotts. Mixing beat boxing and guitar is probably no easy task; however Alex definitely pulled it off in “b”. The bass lines are fuller and you can feel more intensity coming from MC Dimz beats this time around.

Second, on the mics Jayem and E do their thing. This time around, Jakimczuk made some changes and unlike in “a” this one sounds more full. When a point wants to be made, the quartet deliver it. Their rhythms and beats come together in “b” and make you live and believe the story being told through the music.

Finally, Ryan Farell and his guitar mixes are brilliant. Subtle but present. I’m sure it's no easy task to record wotts but Jakimczuk found the balance of this group. Between the beatboxing, the MC’s the guests and the guitars, “b’ has everything that is required for what is a ear pleasing record.

Before you think I wrote “a” off as a pile of crap, I’d like to say that it was a fantastic EP from a group who was eager to record something. “b” could stand for better in the case. Maybe they will  just skip “c” for the next one and go right to “e” for excellent.

“b” features guest appearances from Aron The-Alien, Dynamite Motel and Eddy P. Check out the album here.

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