Review: Onionface - Goldenlips

By Andrew Lacelle — Mon, 23/11/2015 - 10:04

Onionface has been KICK’in around Ottawa since 2013. Stefan Jurewicz, Onionface’s frontman, normally shows up at live shows with a kick drum and a guitar and rocks the shit out of the two pieces of equipment. Quite the “one man band”! In 2014, he joined up with Calvin McCormick and Jon Schultz to add to the live show. McCormick adds the massive low frequencies of the bass while Schultz hits the skin in the background.


Goldenlips, the most recent single from Onionface, features an assortment of musicians recorded in many studios. Is this an Ottawa “Sonic Highways”? The track opens with a soft acoustic tone and then takes you in the sluggy southern rock of traditional Onionface. Jurewicz’s vocals are always appealing as he has a unique voice, smooth but powerful. Towards the end, Jurewicz is heard repeating “Golden Lips tasted so lovely”. Now, I don't know what “Goldenlips” are or what they mean to Jurewicz, but I hope Goldenlips is followed by a full length Golden album.


Don’t miss your chance to see Onionface live on December 5 at Atomic Rooster.


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