So You've Got a Song: Tune Tweaking 101

Venue Info

Rendezvous Rupert
26 Ch Parent, La Peche
Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 1:00pm
Rendezvous Rupert

A workshop on how to develop a song you wrote (or even a cover) from a skeleton to a fully crafted and arranged piece.

We will be dividing the workshop into 4 sections: 
-Lyric: how to craft lyrics to more effectively highlight key words and reduce unnecessary ones
-Texture: how your current instrument or the addition of another one can better convey meaning sonically
-Harmony: basic and creative approaches to harmony (vocally and/or with lead instruments)
-Creating space: how to help your arrangement breathe, allowing for each instrument to work for the song vs. detract from it

This workshop will have a mixture of discussions, breakout sessions and group feedback sessions. 

Saturday March 11
Rendezvous Rupert,
26 Ch Parent, La Peche

Cost: $40
To register:
or phone 819 459-3580 

HUGE thank you to Linda Vanderlee for hosting us and planning this adventure with us!

A bit about Tragedy Ann: 
“Tragedy Ann are a versatile folk duo who deliver finely crafted and carefully arranged songs with the honesty and enthusiasm of people who can’t help but create and perform. Their songs are sometimes simple and heartwarming, sometimes complex and spooky, and always compelling. If you’re looking for a duo that audiences will fall in love with, you’ve stumbled on the perfect pair.”
— Jon Farmer - Georgian Bay Roots Radio

Band on a Couch - Tragedy Ann

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