VERSeFest: Plan 99

Venue Info

Knox Presbyterian Church
227 Elgin Street
Friday, March 24, 2017 - 7:00pm
Knox Presbyterian Church


Knox Presbyterian Church, 227 Elgin Street

19:00 - 20:30


Plan 99 presents Gregory Scofield, Moez Surani, and Sharon McCartney: Gregory Scofield's Witness, I am is essential invigorating reading, and to hear it in his cadence completes the spell. Moez Surani's poetry is conscientiously observing and the force of حملة Operación Opération Operation 行动 Oперация is proof.  Sharon McCartney’s Metanoia is a consciously streamed commentary on what the heart wants and is willing to settle for.


Lecture essentielle et vivifiante, la transe est complète quand on entend l’auteur réciter Witness, I am à sa propre cadence.  La poésie de Moez Surani est consciemment observante de la force d’ حملة , Operación Opération Operation Dans Metanoia, Sharon McCartney commente en continu sur ce que le cœur désire et sur ce qu’il finit par accepter.


Tickets available at or at the box office: $10 event, $18 full evening.

I'POYI - Greg Scofield at the Nickle Arts -

Moez Surani reads from Floating Life

Tree Reading Series Featured Reader 11 Feb 14 - Sharon McCartney

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