Postering in Ottawa

Isn't it frustrating how the City tells you not to poster in the wrong place, but doesn't give you a map of where the right places are? Well, it's Couch Assassin to the rescue once again! We've mapped a few hundred locations of poster collars in the downtown area.

View Ottawa Poster Collar Map in a larger map

You did know there are bylaws about postering in Ottawa, right? Of course there are in a town like this - you're supposed to put them on the poster collars the City installed on light posts. But we've never been able to find a map of where these "Offically Approved" locations are to be found. So we made one ourselves!

If you know of other locations not show here, send us a message and we'll add them to the map.

This can be useful for deciding how many posters you want to put in different areas, how many you'll need to print, how to divvy up postering duties among group members, etc. It also shows where the "dead zones" are in terms of poster collars, where you are permitted to post them on other (designated) surfaces ... might want to read those bylaws if you don't want to waste your time and money on papering something that might just get pulled down in a few days.