Babylon is a Live Venue/Nightclub/Bar in Ottawa that caters to a wide variety of musical and performance tastes.  Babylon regular hosts game nights, Burlesque shows, a slew of dance nights and national and international musicians.  The bar runs down the centre of the club with booths on both sid
Some say Ottawa is a predictable, robotic city. We’re here to prove them wrong.
"Barrymore's was originally opened in 1914 as the Imperial Theater. Since then, it has changed its tune more than once, but has settled as a night club and live music venue for the last thirty years.
Night Club , Lounge and Event venue
FLYBAR is an exciting and original concept for Ottawa that features a state of the art venue inspired by high fashion, art, and music.
Le Petit Chicago est le nom par lequel on avait baptisé le Vieux-Hull durant les années 30 et 40. On disait du Vieux-Hull que c'était le "Red Light District" de l'Amérique du Nord. On y venait pour l'alcool, mais on y restait pour les spectacles..!
Liquor Store Party Bar is the ultimate party bar and has been a staple in ottawa for students. With crazy fun bartenders and great music, it creates the best experince for patrons or as well call them beautys. LSPB is well known for its 1 O'clock dance where all the ladies get to dance on the bar to pour some sugar on me, you wont want to miss this guys.
A Couch Assassin pick for most consistently good club in Ottawa. "The Mercury Lounge has been a Mecca for the arts in Canada's capital city of Ottawa, since its inception in November 1996.  Through its dynamic programming, the Mercury Lounge has successfully connected the dots, uniting jazz with contemporary electronic break beat culture.