Live music


The Algonquin Commons Theatre is a state of the art venue that opened in the fall of 2012 on The Algonquin College Woodroffe campus. Located in the Student Commons (E Building), the primary purpose of the space is to host student events, theatre, live music, guest speakers, dance and more, and the space is also available for outside rentals.
Avant-Garde Bar  "is a combination of Soviet constructivism and contemporary Western life. Avant-Garde bar consists of two main rooms: open space, shimmering with contrasting and distinct colours of the counter and cocktail glasses, reflected in interlacement of the mirrors, which transforms into a cozy lower room, radiating warmer and more intimate shades.
Babylon is a Live Venue/Nightclub/Bar in Ottawa that caters to a wide variety of musical and performance tastes.  Babylon regular hosts game nights, Burlesque shows, a slew of dance nights and national and international musicians.  The bar runs down the centre of the club with booths on both sid
The Blacksheep Inn is a great spot to catch a live act if you are in the mood to get out of town.  The Blacksheep has a great lineup of a variety of live acts, and in the summer you can enjoy the tumes from the patio out front.
Cafe Dekcuf is a live little music venue in the heart of downtown.  They are an "underground" sort of a venue, with little web presence but a solid reputation.  Cafe Dekcuf tends to put on rock and punk shows, or anything of the heavy and dark variety.
Café Nostalgica’s purpose is to provide a space on campus for graduate students that helps maintain and create community, while celebrating the diversity and creativity that is the human condition. Café Nostalgica fosters a completely bilingual student community on campus focusing on creativity, diversity, critical thought, and the thirst for knowledge.
Canadian Tire Centre is a multi-purpose arena, located in Kanata, a district of Ottawa.  It is home to the Ottawa Senators of the Nation
Touted as Ottawa's only "TRUE MENS BAR" Centretown Pub / Cellblock has three levels, including a fully equipped party rental space on the bottom level called "Silhouette".
The pub so good it doesn't need to advertise.  It is just as hard to find information about Chez Lucien as it is to find a seat there.  It's busy, really busy, but for good reason.  An Ottawa institution that everyone thinks is their own best kept secret.  The pub is famous for it's burgers, but the rest of the small menu is equally good.