Centrepointe Theatre

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101 Centrepointe Drive Ben Franklin Place

Centrepointe Theatre opened in 1988, and since then has seen performances but a variety of talented artists including Sarah McLachlan, Kids in the Hall, the Rankins, Lyle Lovett, the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Harlem Gospel Choir and many others.

"Centrepointe Theatre has a 954 seat capacity, providing facilities for several types of performances, from Canadian and international artists There are Front and Centre presentations put on by the theatre, as well as commerical presentations and other local productions.  Centrepointe is home to several performing arts companies, such as Orpheus Musical Theatre Society, the Savoy Society of Ottawa, GOYA, Suzart Productions, and Les Petits Ballets."(From the Centrepointe Theatre Website)

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